Ralphie In The Press

As reported by Don Grigas of www.mysuburbanlife.com

Ralph “Ralphie” Roberts makes no bones about it — he likes to make people laugh.

In the mid 1990s, Roberts — a Bolingbrook resident who has a degree in chemistry and works in a lab for a pharmaceutical company — decided the chemistry he wanted to work with most was the chemistry of comedy.

“The reward is making people laugh,” said Roberts, an up-and-coming comic who defines himself as a man who grew up on the west side of Chicago and is now enjoying life as a “40-something” weekend comic warrior while residing on the east side of Bolingbrook.

He first appeared at a Chicago comedy club, “Hecklers Heaven,” almost 20 years ago, a venue where customers were encouraged to voice their opinions after amateur comics did their gigs. Since then, Roberts has appeared around the country in smaller venues working clubs and honing his craft.

“That was very humbling (working at Heckler’s,) but once I had a little taste of making people laugh, I really learned to like it,” Roberts said.

Recently, Roberts has appeared at Ashbury’s At Boughton Ridge in Bolingbrook and Zanies in St. Charles.

He’s has appeared on the east and west coasts in various venues, and will soon appear at the University of Buffalo.

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